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Media, technology, politics, and saving the world in various combinations — Chief Strategist at Harmony Labs— author of For ALL the People


  • Andina, Swiny

    Andina, Swiny

    see the world through rose tinted glasses.. oh and a mom of course..

  • Federico Forcieri

    Federico Forcieri

    Pr advisor. Padre di 3 figli, marito di 1 moglie: una famiglia frizzante, più che naturale. Opinioni personali, quando ne ho

  • Jake Wood

    Jake Wood

    CEO of @TeamRubicon & Author of #TakeCommand | Husband to @indrapetersons | Advisor @pos_rep | Former Marine Sniper & UW Badger

  • Shari McConahay

    Shari McConahay

    Wife, mom & internet geek. E-Commerce & Internet Marketing old timer, writer, & blogger. I 3 social media, kung fu movies, sci fi, & reality tv.

  • Jules Cowan

    Jules Cowan

    Designer and Digital Strategist

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