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Media, technology, politics, and saving the world in various combinations — Chief Strategist at Harmony Labs— author of For ALL the People

What The US Constitution can teach us about reforming modern media

If political parties provided what conspiracy theories do, maybe our parties would be stronger and more useful to our civic life.

Like all chick-or-the-egg arguments, what matters most is where we go from here.

Solving our information crisis requires more than one solution because there is more than one problem

Smart, thoughtful people have been showing us the way to a more complete conversation about modern media and civic life for decades . It’s time we listen.

A new study reveals that verified users on Twitter are sharing more deceptive information than ever

If Trump was a symptom, it’s time to get to work on the dis-ease

Our national civic health needs justice every bit as much as our public health needs the vaccine.

Michael Slaby

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